Monday, January 30, 2006

'Topes Win!

Ok - it wasn't the Isotopes, but the Leafs won, finally! Good-bye 8 game losing streak.

Now here's a question: can Bryan McCabe recover from his injury enough to play for Team Canada?? We can only hope so...

Friday, January 27, 2006

Politics (one of the forbidden subjects...)

(For the record, before I start... My political views are my own. Comments are always welcome as long as you aren't going to criticize me for having my views - or criticize my views. At the same time, feel free to respectfully disagree with me (reasons why are nice too). Thanx!)

I think I've started this entry 5 or 6 times already, trying to come up with something I like. It's said that it's best to never talk religion or politics, but I don't care.

I don't understand why my fellow residents of Ontario were unable to vote based on what's best for the country. It's pretty clear that in particular the residents of the Greater Toronto Area (actually that city should be renamed to Moronto based on their election results) were nicely duped by all the propaganda put out by the Liberal party. The scary Conservatives are coming!! Yeah right. Having read the Conservative platform, it looks quite reasonable if you're worried about far-right agendas. (I'm not overly concerned, if you haven't already figured it out - the Conservatives may share some policies with the American Republican party, but they are two different organizations, not identical.) By comparsion, the Liberal plan is great on talk, the problem is that most of what's in there was promised already and they didn't deliver when they had the chance. Can you please tell me how Moronto can be so loyal to a political party that's gratefully accepted their votes for 13 years and given them nothing in return? Hello... you're still waiting on the gas tax money & help for transit (among other things). Talk about not voting smart...

I'll admit that I wasn't too sure about Stephen Harper when the campaign started - if only because in Ontario we didn't hear much about him because of the Liberal media bias - but as the campaign went on I got more and more impressed. The Conservative campaign was about their platform. The Liberals by comparsion were campaigning on the basis of "elect anybody but the Conservatives, preferably us". They claim that their values are Canada's values.

Gimme a break. Atlantic Canada has a set of values, Quebec has another set, Ontario has its own values, Alberta and the Prairies have yet another set of values, and BC is a unique
too. Sure, as Canadians we have many things in common despite our regional differences but to claim that the Liberals represent "Canadian values" is pure arrogance on their part. They have done a great job of negating the West's contributions to the country & I won't even get into the Sponsorship mess in Quebec.

I'm just glad that we finally have a government that appears to genuinely want to bring back some integrity and principles to Canadian politics. It's been missing a long time. And yet somehow a good number of Canadians think the Liberals are qualified to do govern and restore integrity & principles to politics... What the heck were they thinking?!