Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A (late) post on Valentines' day...

First off I don't want any comments on how this is late. I didn't get a chance to publish this yesterday. :)

I suppose I could rant but I don't have any major objections to Valentines' day per se... I mean for me it's got different significance - it's my bro's birthday. Always has been, always will be.

Some single people hate Valentines day, apparently. At least that's what some friends of mine have told me. Other than my bro's birthday I'm rather indifferent to it, even as a current single. I don't hate it because I'm single, and I wouldn't want to make a big deal of it if I were in a relationship - I don't really celebrate Valentines' day as such. (I do hate the profiteering that goes on in the floral & chocolate industries for the one day - but that's another story.) Why don't I believe in celebrating Valentines' day?? I don't understand the big deal in taking *one* day of the year to celebrate love... If you're in a committed relationship (heck even if you're not) you ought to be celebrating love every day. To wait for one "prescribed" day for over-the-top romantic gestures is silly (this is from a guy who's a romantic, by the way). My philosophy is to make those gestures on a regular (but not necessarily daily) basis.

I just don't get the fuss... But for those who *are* (I guess at this point it should be *were*) celebrating Valentines' day with their special someone, I hope it went really well. :)


Blogger jamieunited said...

Yah, Valentines day is definatly not my fav day of the year. Brings more pressure than anything. and then you have to top what you did last year. Im not saying that i get any pressure from Vanessa, but from society. Then there is always that perfect dream guy that does something really special and then the girls get talking and all of a sudden the rest of us look like bums!

16 February, 2006 23:12  
Anonymous Jason said...

Here, here. All it is, I think, is pure commercially driven holiday. Stores suggesting the amount of your love is directly compared to the amount of money you spend on your special one. It's like Christmas now.

17 February, 2006 14:50  
Blogger Mazzie said...

Hey Dre!

Aww Valentines day is just another day... but its also a excuse for choccys!
i say anything that is an excuse for choccys! then its cool!
hehe..... But i say i dont need choccys etc all i need is my man!

Take it easy dre!.....
Ya not related to dr. dre r u??

God bless ya
Luv mazzie xx

26 February, 2006 04:52  

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