Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Nutrition (and roll up the rim to lose...)

Well... the new streak of "Please Play Again"'s (maybe (c)) is up to 5. I think I was really on to something earlier on. Ah well. I heard on the radio recently that Tim Horton's skewed the contest so that you're more likely to win stuff if you live in Alberta or Quebec. I say good for the people who live there, and nuts to Tim's.

But it got me thinking... How nutritious *is* Tim's food? Not really - if you read their info on Though I guess their sandwiches are ok... (They are good!) But it's important to eat healthy food - so less Tim's (except maybe the odd coffee) and more good stuff (fruits & veggies) for me from now on... Lots of fat & sugar will only help me die earlier - something I'd rather not do! The other nice benefit is that it's much better on my wallet to not eat donuts / muffins / bagels / etc. @ Tim's all the time.... And that's almost as good a benefit as the health ones. :)


Blogger Patrick said...

I had a chicke slad with peanut vinegrett and tortilla strips and believe me... it was tastier than donuts!



PS the timbits are the hard to beat tim's food.

23 March, 2006 16:04  
Anonymous Jason said...

They do have great sandwiches... no doubt about that. I also like their cinnamon buns...

24 March, 2006 21:48  
Anonymous Marie said...


No wonder you men have bellys :-P

It's Mazzie, i forgot my password again so had to go other whatever that is ?

hehe*** ....

xx God Bless dre!

31 March, 2006 17:27  

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