Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Resistance is futile…

Ok.. I finally did it… I bought an iPod. Granted, it’s an iPod Shuffle that I got from a friend (and therefore used – and cheap), so at least I didn’t hand over lots of hard-earned money to Apple, but I still caved & got one.

It’s been an interesting couple of days getting used to it… I hate to have to admit that I love that it’s so much more portable than my discman (which also plays mp3 files). For the longest time I really wanted to avoid these things as I saw them as an expensive fad… But there’s something to be said for the convenience. I’ll still buy CD’s… my car isn’t iPod ready, and I still enjoy having the physical media... You can't accidentally erase it, just destroy it from mis-use. :)

AUGH... I'm starting to sound like free advertising for Apple!! HELP!!!


Blogger Andrea said...

no worries andre, being the total geek that I am I have to say that i'm pretty in love with my shuffle too. You know what ticks me off though? apple keeps coming out with new technology and it's better than what I have. Did you know that the latest shuffle is the size of a quarter and it has a built in clip instead of a stupid lanyard string so that it doesn't bounce all over the place when excercising (what idiot designed that string?) anyway, welcome to the world of i-pod.

27 September, 2006 11:16  
Anonymous Jason said...

Better the money go to Apple then to Microsoft.

Go to my blog. You used to leave comments all the time, now I have to twist your arm, and you still don't do it.


08 October, 2006 06:39  
Anonymous Mazzie said...

Come on Andre.... update, update :-p

God bless x

15 May, 2007 08:06  

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